‘Flow Country’ on Peatlands Partnership

Before we moved to the far north of Scotland, we spent many years visiting the area in our homemade camper. I’m delighted for The Peatlands Partnership to be featuring a poem I wrote about this on their ‘Stories’ page. Read the whole piece on their website.

Another bridge, only here at Dornoch the tide
is out, mudflats stretching into the summer dusk
with endless glowing puddles, while out to sea
it is as white and intangible as heaven. We’ve made
this journey many times, first in your R-reg Transit,
and now in the silver VW, but always loaded with
your surfboards and a yellowing Silentnight mattress,
my books piled about the floor on the passenger’s side
(usually some Neil Gunn, which I will insist
on reading aloud even though you hate it) […]