Nina X by Ewan Morrison in the Scottish Review of Books

My review of Ewan Morrison’s novel Nina X was commissioned by Scottish Review of Books for their first online Extra edition, March 2019.

Ewan Morrison has dubbed his first three novels his ‘sex books’. His fourth, Close Your Eyes, centred on a new mother with postnatal depression who had grown up inside a hippy fellowship. If that book had anything in common with the earlier ones, it was perhaps a grounding in personal experience: Morrison’s writing until this point – whether about bohemian parents or a couple on the swinging scene – was loosely related to his own life. Nina X swaps the spiritual commune of Close Your Eyes for a communist collective, and Morrison delves more deeply into failed utopias.

In 2018, Nina is rescued from a cult in a dilapidated former council house in London Fields. Sixteen years earlier, ‘The Project’ – as she was then known – is an eleven-year-old girl, who has never been outside […]