‘West Wind’ on Elementum.com

Elementum: A Journal of Nature and Story is a bi-annual print publication exploring the natural world and our place within it. Recent contributors include Kathleen Jamie and Jackie Morris. I’m delighted for ‘West Wind’ to be published online, accompanied by stunning photography by Chris Tuff. Read the full piece on their website.

We watch from the patio doors as you put your work bag in the car. The clunk of the car boot shutting makes everything real. I wave as you pull out of the drive and after you’ve gone the dog stays at the window, blinking at the empty space. The first day is always the hardest. I worry about the storm forecast and the chopper in Shetland that will take you to the rig. I turn up the television so that I can’t hear the wind. Later I lie awake and it scours the roof, looking for gaps […]