‘With her Head on his Chest’ in Northwords Now

My story ‘With her Head on his Chest’ is published in Issue 24 of Northwords Now in the spring of 2013. It was the first story I set in the far north of Scotland. The twice-yearly magazine prints fiction, poetry, essays and interviews, with a focus on the Highlands and all aspects of Scots and Gaelic culture.

Gordy watched Sheila wind a strand of hair round her finger. They were listening to Black Sabbath in his room, the bedside lamp at her back.

‘So are ye excited – what do ye think yous’ll do?’

‘I dunno. See the university, I guess. Visit the castle.’

He didn’t really mind what he did in Edinburgh. He was just excited to be seeing Al again. Strathy hadn’t been the same without him. There was no one to hang about the beach with, smoking No. 6s in the pale dune grass […]